Sustainability In Packaging

Eco-Friendly Packaging

At Pulver Packaging, we take sustainability and stewardship seriously. We are constantly working to lower our carbon footprint and reduce our CO2 emissions. Sustainability, Stewardship, Recyclability, Responsibility‚Ķ If you think about it, it’s a pretty easy choice. Sure – plastic packaging does look pretty, and yes it can be recyclable in certain situations. But what does it really do to our planet? That is the real question. When the end user opens up that beautiful package, then throws it away, what is the end result to our ecosystem? We’ve all seen the piles of water bottle littering our highways, our ditches, and our oceans. I’m sure we all have the same thoughts when we see that mess – it’s just plain ugly. But the truth is – its killing our planet. But there is hope, hope in the way of paperboard packaging. Just how eco-friendly is paperboard packaging? Our scientists made it their mission to find out. The response below pretty much sums it up. There is no better choice than paperboard folding cartons for an environmentally conscious packaging solution. The amount of time it take for paperboard packaging to become one with earth is the same amount of time as it takes a piece of fruit – just 8 weeks. A water bottle will sit on the ground for as long as 75 YEARS! It destroys our oceans and pollutes our earth. We think its time for a change. A change to paperboard packaging.

How Long Until It’s Gone

Tin Can

50 Years

Water Bottle

75 Years

An Apple

8 Weeks

Paperboard Packaging

8 Weeks