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Whether you need Short Run paperboard folding cartons, or larger Long Runs of paperboard folding cartons, Pulver Packaging is here to help you.

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At PULVER PACKAGING, we’re passionate about paperboard folding cartons and paperboard packaging. We design, manufacture, and distribute folding cartons and paperboard packaging for companies all over the world. We specialize in both short run as well as longer runs of paperboard folding cartons, and as a 3rd generation manufacturer, we have over 50 years of proven experience in meeting the needs of an ever-more sophisticated marketplace. We harmonize packaging and supply chain strategy to deliver results. As consumer behavior continues to shift, you need a supplier that’s agile and capable of responding to those needs. Contact us now and find out why Pulver Packaging is a trusted supplier to many of the world’s largest and most well-respected brands.

With our Short Run folding carton program we're changing the way you buy short run folding cartons. Available exclusively online at www.PulverPackaging.com, if your carton blank size fits into our short run folding carton sizing parameters of 12" x 18" there are no cutting die charges or printing plate charges. It's our new quick and painless Short Run Folding Carton program. Choose from various carton styles and paperboard substrates. All we need from you is your press ready pdf file, and we'll take it from there. Short run paperboard folding cartons in 2 weeks or less, printed 4 color process - OFFSET – NOT DIGITAL – with Aqueous Coating. Carton Styles: Simple Sleeve, Straight Tuck, Reverse Tuck, Tuck Top Snap Lock Bottom, or Tuck Top Automatic Bottom. Paperboard Options: SBS (Solid Bleached Sulfate), WCCNB (White Clay Coated News Back), TBC (Tan Bending Chip). Paperboard calipers / thickness: .014 / .018 / .024 SBS, .018 / .024 WCCNB, .018 / .024 TBC. Available exclusively online at www.pulverpackaging.com

Paperboard folding cartons aren’t just containers. Your product’s graphic presentation on the shelf gives consumers a visual of who you are and the story you want to tell. To create great packaging you need more than a supplier, you need a partner. PULVER PACKAGING has the tools, and most importantly, the people to help you bring your vision to life. Since 1958 our goal has been to produce the best packaging possible at a fair and competitive price. Using state-of-the-art technology combined with a passion for our work, we partner with our customers in a wide range of industries from food and beverage to cosmetics and colognes. We help you create packaging that truly showcases your products.